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How come I rarely see fat black men?
Like, I see fat black women frequently, but the men tend to be more in shape. Whereas with other races they're either equally fat or the men tend to be fatter.
their genetics are far superior. I guess it's all the sun, it boosts your genome constantly, giving it all positive traits.
I wouldn't start analyzing women if I were you.
They're our opposite. They can bloat up or shrink down, we'll never understand how they function.
Weight is a completely different subject with them and it should not be treated by laymen...

They're born more fit than any man that ever lived. They could make any man come...and that IS strength in itself.
The nature of sexuality is a more subtle life force than that of physical strength, and it takes much more energy to be good at it and stay that way...
Why are fat black men more attractive than fat white men?
When I was 16, I weighed about 250. Without a doubt, I was overweight. But one time, I wanted to ask a girl out but she fell for a fat guy, who, not to point out fingers or be racist here, but he was black and this guy was somewhat popular, too. All these girls started talking with him and stuff and I'm just wondering, are fat black men more attractive that fat white men? If so, why? I'd like to know.
No, you're just not as good looking as that guy was. LMFAO!
Do White women date fat black men?
I'm playing matchmaker to my brother and he only likes white women but can't seem to find any that likes really fat(Obese) black men. So are white women into really fat black men? I'm thinking of hooking him up with some girls at my school.
I'm sure there are some that are interested in dating obese black men if they like the particular man in question. Most women prefer men who are not obese, as I'm sure you know.

He will have better luck meeting women based on his personality, not on his blackness and/or fatness.
I wanna look at fat men p o r n fat black men 5points 1st anwser?
what be good sites to look at with fat black men fat men having sex with girls
Google it...now where are my 5 points!!
Why do black men like fat sloopy women?
You drive down the road and see these black men with them ugly fat women why is that. And to top it off these women have skin tight pants on. This is enough to make you sick in the stomach.
Way to generalize. Not every black man likes big women. Also, fat doesn't equal sloppy. Yes, there are some women who don't realize that certain things don't look good on them, but there are plenty that do know how to dress in a way that complements them, whatever size they may be.

What makes me "sick in the stomach" is when people generalize and criticize others for their preferences.
Am I wrong for having a fetish for fat Black men?
They look so sexy.
No You're Not.
Why do black men love belly fat on women?
every time I see a black man with his gf she has fat hanging over. My stomach is completely flat and black men say I need to eat more but I don't date black men. Asian men love slim skinny women like me.
Everyone has their own tastes. And tastes vary depending on the person. I have known white men that like big women also
Why do skinny black men desire fat white women?
I have no problems with inter-racial couples, it just seems like black guys are always tryna get with fat white girls. Why is that?
many people do not realize and it may sound odd -- but in Africa someone FAT is considered rich and hence respectable ( fat means the person is very well fed ) and it unconsciously even in US Black guys choose fat women as to them it is a status symbol

( PS: I knew one African guy who always wanted to be fat )
Why do some people say black men only date fat white women?
This is not even true.I see more black males dating white girls who are not fat .I am not saying that all of the girls are pretty. In realiy most of the girls who date black guys here who are non black are average looking at best.But I don't see too many black men where I live dating fat white girls. I live in Wichita, Ks which has about 380,000 people and a black population of 11% so maybe things are different here.
Where I live* the low, almost middle and middle class and up black males(well the remain ones) have no problem in dating white women and vice verse. The problem is, the average black Brazilian women, these you meet at nightclubs and stuffs is ridiculous. They are ultra gorgeous. Normally you see them with lighter boys. I could post some pictures from my night adventures but I'm not sure if I'll expose myself more than I did in YA.

Still, yeah I don't think bm/ww is near close fat/muscle couple.. it's more well body built from both sides. -where I live-
Does the media pick on fat white men more then fat black men?
the media never seems to pick on "big" black men
They seem to pick on fat people period. White men do get a bad rap, just watch most commercials. The white father is almost always doing something foolish or ends up the butt of the joke.

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