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Why do black women get thumbs up for talking about how they despise black men?
BUTT if a black guy does it he is automatically a self hater and sell out.. Why is that? soo many black women are given thumbs up for talking about how they aren't attracted to black men and like non black men but if a black guy talked about how he isn't attracted to black women and likes non black women he is automatically thumbed down by everybody
that's why you dont mention your dating a non black women. Thats why black men dont talk about their interracial relationships in this site if you notice, I think the site is mostly black women so thats probably why you get thumbs down lol keep it to yourself
My husband and I both have black thumbs but would like our yard to look nice.?
We are looking for some landscape ideas of plants/flowers that are easy to maintain and hard to kill. We live in Louisiana, so it is humid and hot in the summer and warm to freezing (rarely) in the winter. We do not want plants that are runners and have to continuously be cut back. Thank you for any ideas!!
Azaleas and Oleander are two shrubs with beautiful flowers that are very low maintenance at least once you get them started. My advice to you is to start paying attention around your area and notice what seems to be indigenous to your area. Visit your local nursery as well and I'm sure they'd be happy to help you choose the right plants. When you plant your new plants make sure to enrich your soil with compost and peat then water frequently while the plants are young.
Why did I get so many thumbs down for saying Obama looks more white than black?
I said that because I really do think he looks more white. He's darker than whites, but he's still really light. I mean, look at black Africans, a lot of them have skin almost like coal with more African features, and I got 11 thumbs down or something. Also, I didn't say anything else that was racist, I'm not racist.
Does anyone else think so also?
Because you're telling the truth & they don't want to hear it. He does look more white than black,but I always knew he was mixed. If you look at his father,he was VERY DARK. He also also has a Caucasian shaped Skull & & White people eyes. To me, he looks like George Clooney. And there are no indigenous Sub-Saharan black people who look anything like him.
A black thumb that needs a green thumbs advice?
i have a huge planter box in my backyard. Every spring i try to plant flowers with no success. The problem...half of the box receives full sun and the other half receives none. Are there any flowes i can plant that will thrive under these conditions? Any advice is appreciated! Thank you and have a good day. : )
You may have other problems, like aphids or grubs.

Also, there could be a pH issue with the plants you've chosen. Without knowing those or your grow zone, it's hard to give you ideas. I would consider planting perennials, as a start.
How do you make dying your hair black look good on you? PLZZ (10 POINTS) THUMBS UP 4 EVERY1 WHO ANSWERS!!!!:D?
I wanna dye my hair black for the scene look .if you have light pinkish/peachy skin does it look good? What makes it look better on you if you naturally have brown hair? what about undertones? How do you make it look less goth and more scene on you? How do you make it look naturally good? Any tips? THANKS
I'm ridiculously pale and have dark hair naturally , iv dyed it black for years and the trick is to highlight your eyes , eyeliner and a Light shade of eyeshadow, and a side parting and fringe (bangs) really help too :)
If someone says something anti black it gets 100 thumbs down anti white 3 thumbs up 3 down?
What does this say? Society section on yahoo answers accepts racism against whites but goes crazy for racism against blacks...why? What is the difference? There's not more black people on the place than whites either so it's not a case of prejudice from a certain side. So why is the reason?
perception of u picking on minority
Has Any Black Answerers Noticed They Have Been Getting An Exorbitant Amount of Thumbs Down Since The Election?
My answers never use to get so many thumbs down until three days ago. Any Obama supporters experience the same thing?
Its not just the Black people. Its any Obama supporter.
Why does everyone thumbs down me if I say I like Jacob Black?
It's only my opinion, and it's getting on my nerves

I like edward as well, I just like jake more...

am I the only one?
No...don't worry about that. The reason why everyone is thumbing you down is because Jacob Black, in New Moon and even Eclipse, behaved rather rudely. He was doing things that Bella did not want him to do, especially given that Edward was away. Also, in our miserable world today, most readers of the Twilight series want the story to end like a fairy tale; happily ever after. Edward Cullen provides that ending. I mean, Bella meets her Prince Charming and she and Edward ride off into the sunset. Jacob, on the other hand, provides a more realistic and pessimistic attitude. He is the one who talks about the consequences, like the effect on Charlie and Forks, living for eternity, never seeing loved ones outside the Cullen family ever again. Because our lives, for the most part, share this pessimism, we tend to shun the characters that give us that view; aka Jacob Black.

Also, a reader tends to align himself or herself with the character that he/she shares more qualities and characteristics with. Edward is very traditional, romantic, gentlemanly, more heart than head, sweep-a-girl-off-her-feet-like, optimistic, and maybe unrealistic and serious. Jacob, on the other hand, is more light, funny (when not very rude), realistic, more head than heart, and intelligent guy. I'm guessing that when given the option between the two guys, you would rather face reality and be with Jacob. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The actual thumbs-down may not stem from the user's not thinking your opinion is right, but rather the user's disagreement with your opinion.

Overall, I'd say that people shun him because of his boldness and rudeness and his realistic view of life. Given that my life pretty much sucks, Edward's more traditional, romantic, fairy-tale-like ending makes me happier in some instances. Elsewhere, I just want to slap Bella for not thinking about the real world and how she'll live not so happily ever after forever. I like Jacob when he is supportive and not rude...personally, I'm more like Jacob than Edward, yet I'd rather be with Edward than Jacob, so you could say I like them equally. That is the point of reading a fictional book. It is supposed to take you out of this world, not remind you about its my opinion, anyways. Others may think that reading is for enlightenment about our world.

~Zara Sahana
What should a novice black thumb in Zone 7/8 who's dying for spring color do with containers in part/full sun?
My containers are btw 16-24 inches in size, 2 are new, self watering type. Haven't tried them yet. I love grasses for the middle. Can't overcome the black thumb!!! :)
Yup, pansies are low maintenance plants, just keep moist, when flowers are wilting and dying cut them off to encourage more growth. Other easy things to grow are plants like rosemary, colorful and flower, and smell great!

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